the inner world

creates the outer world.

if you are not content,

start within.

I am a Holistic Hypnotherapist and my goal is to empower you to transform your life with the power of your own mind.

As a curious explorer with an insatiable desire to learn, I have lived all my adult life abroad - in London, Barcelona and now Bali.


I spent 10 years working in the corporate environment and although I achieved great success, I felt a lack of deeper connection to my work.


Through living abroad and travelling, as I experienced different cultures and ways of relating to life, I discovered a lot about myself and others.


The impact that our upbringing, society, economical background and culture have on who we are and how we live our life. How we store much of these experiences in our subconscious mind and develop limiting beliefs. And the effect these, as well as unhealed emotional traumas, have on the quality of our lives and those around us. 


My drive for diving deeper, brought me to India, where I learnt Meditation, Yoga and Breathwork that all soon became part of my daily life. In other quests for greater understanding, I also attended Ancient Shamanic Ceremonies.


All these experiences were greatly beneficial for elevating my consciousness and showed me how to turn my attention inside. They helped me to become aware of who I am, what my values are and shifted my understanding of what is important in life. 


Finally, I was drawn to Bali, where I experienced energy and sound healing, attended a week long silent meditation retreat and finally, encountered Holistic Hypnotherapy. 


Given my long standing passion for Psychology and interest in Alternative Medicine, Holistic Hypnotherapy not only helped me the most on my own path of healing, but became the way in which I can fulfil my life purpose of helping others.


It brings a lot of joy to my life as I see others to move through difficulties, liberate themselves from the past, improve their relationships and align with their purpose.


If you wish to overcome your issues and transform your life, please reach out for a free chat. 

Thank you.

With love,


About Me

Maja Healing

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