Holistic Hypnotherapy

01 what to expect

While in Hypnosis, you will find yourself in a conscious relaxed state with heightened concentration, one similar to a deep meditation. You will not be unconscious or sleeping during the session as being aware and conscious is necessary for you to overcome the issue, experience healing and gain understanding. 

You will be able to access your memories and communicate fully with me throughout the session. You will be able to remember your experience which can feel similar to recalling a dream. 


02 structure of session

Before Session

Following your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information necessary for the session.

During Session

There will be three parts to the session:


During the 30min pre-talk we will go through the intake form, general medical conditions and it is when we will discuss the issue you would like to overcome in more depth. During this time I will explain what you can expect while in hypnosis and also answer any questions you may have.



This part generally lasts 2 - 2,5hrs and it is when the most significant part of the therapy work is done. 


We will discuss key parts of the session, however we will not go into a great detail as your subconscious mind will still be processing the experience and trying to consciously understand may slow down the healing process. 

After Session

I would highly recommend to schedule some free time for right after the session to replenish with food, drinks and to get some rest (30-60min).

Most clients find themselves feeling relieved, lighter and happier after their session. 


03 number of sessions

Generally a specific issue can be overcome in 1 to 3 sessions.

There are some more complex issues that require more sessions and it is not possible to know the exact number in advance.

However, my objective in each session is to find the root cause of the issue so healing can be done on the deepest level possible and therefore as effectively as possible. 


"The session with Ilona was absolutely great! I felt so comfortable and was finally able to address and overcome a long standing issue. She is extremely professional and caring."



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