Contribute to creating a society in which attending to one’s mental health is accepted and seen as equally important as attending to physical health.

Eliminate judgement and stigma around psychological therapy and hypnosis through education, in order to enable individuals to share freely about their experience and support others on their paths of healing.

Promote the importance of holistic approach to health, healing the mind, body and soul as a whole, in order to achieve greater results and prevent diseases that may stem from unreleased negative emotions.   

Bring awareness to the fact that regardless of our social, economic or cultural conditioning, the emotional and mental health of most of us has been impacted throughout our lives and we all have the right to heal.

Shift from living in a society of separation stemming from fear to one of empathy and love. Recognise that deep inside we are all alike, we all face the same challenges and what we truly long for is connection to one another, to love and be loved. 

Maja Healing

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